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    "Chautauqua - a gathering that is typically American in that it is typical of America at its best."
    - President Theodore Roosevelt


    Fatih Petric's New Ols Time Chautauqua show 2010
    New Old Time Celebrating Faith Petric in San Francisco for her 95th birthday. Photo by Michelle Bates

    Current and Upcoming Projects:

    Read our Year-end newsletter!
    Enjoy reviewing what we were up to in 2014 and find out what we're planning for 2015 and 2016!

    2015 Tour Information Available Now!
    We will be returning after many years to Southeast Alaska!
    Tour dates: June 16-July 17

    New Old Time Chautauqua mourns the passing of our beloved crone
    Faith Petric

    [More photos & links to articles & obits]

    See our new PHOTO page to access video & photo galleries from years and tours past.

    Recent Projects:

    New Old Time Chautauqua in
    Western Washington!

    Join us in your area:

    Friday, October 17th in Mount Vernon
    at the Lincoln Theater!

    Saturday, October 18th in Olympia
    at the Capitol Theater!

    Sunday, October 19th at 4:00 on Vashon Island
    at Open Space for Arts & Community!

    -More info-


    Sat-Sun, August 9-10
    Arlington, WA

    Join NOTC for this fabulous FREE festival
    with music, pow wows and swimming!

    Parades, workshops and daily shows at 5:00

    TOUR 2014
    "Keep the Faith"

    New Old Time Chautauqua explores the area where Faith Petric hailed from!

    Western Montana, Idaho & Spokane, with a special stop in Orofino, Faith's birthplace.

    July 16-Aug 4, 2014

    Tour details & information

    July 19th - Sandpoint, Idaho

    July 22nd - Libby, Montana

    July 25-26 -Eureka, Montana

    July 29th - Hot Springs, Montana

    August 2nd - Orofino, Idaho

    August 3rd - Spokane, WA

    August 9-10 - Arlington WA
    Festival of the River (after tour)

    New Old Time Chautauqua was proud to participate in TEDxRainier in Seattle on Nov 10, 2012. Click on the photo to see a 17min video of our piece, featuring the Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra, the Flying Karamazov Brothers, Christian Swenson, the Mud Bay Jugglers, the Juggling Jollies, Christian Swenson, Sara Sparrow and Miles Freelan.

    Check out our latest newsletter with upcoming news and reports from our recent events!

    Keep checking our Performance Schedule page for all of our upcoming events, and to see where we've been.

    "What shall you do with your leisure? I understand that Chautauqua is trying to answer that question, and to open out fields of thought, to open out energies, a largeness of mind and a culture in the better sense."
    - President James Garfield
    , August 1880

    By the way:

    "Chautauqua" is pronounced "shuh-TAWK-wuh"

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