On The Road for a Reason The Meaning Behind the Mayhem

We believe that life is best when infused with laughter, creativity, and inspiration, and that those qualities flourish best in dynamic, active communities. Because of this, we reach out to audiences across cultural, socioeconomic, age, and gender backgrounds, sharing our unique brand of arts education, world-class performance, and celebratory community events like parades, potlucks, and free-to-the-public mini shows.

Since 1981, the New Old Time Chautauqua has travelled to underserved communities in rural areas and institutional settings throughout the US. Our focus is reaching audiences without access to live entertainment and quality arts education, and where joy, inspiration, and laughter are needed most. This mission has led us to native reservations in Alaska, to New Orleans’ French Quarter immediately after Hurricane Katrina, to high security prisons, juvenile detention centers, and nursing homes throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, Oregon, Alaska, Washington State, and Idaho.

Each of our events is highly customized to the audience served, and specially designed to inspire creativity and empower community participation.